Friday, October 24, 2008


My little guy is perfect just the way he is. Almost two. Mumbling, stumbling, and sometimes grumbling. He was perfect at one, and will be at three, but it's going by so fast. Yesterday he pointed to the fridge and said 'Milk". Actually, he said, "ahhhh!!! MIIIILLLKK, daaadaaaa, Milk!!!!! (followed by a swat of his hand in my general direction)." But the point is the same. Tonight, Elizabeth was playing cars with him---sort of by force--and he hugged her. She said, "awwwee, I love you little Gaber". She reminds me so much of her Mother; so loving. Earlier in the day, Ava held him and snuggled with him on the couch. That was cute for the thirty seconds it lasted. The flash of my camera instantly triggered a dangerous furrowed brow from Ava and the love fest ended. She's got her Mother's passion. But back to Gabe... so easy going. He can walk through a room of fits, screams, and barking, grab a car and go brrrmm, brrrmm, and be as happy as can be. I love when he goes "rrrrahhhh" with his 'big' hugs. I squeeze him to bits and cover him with kisses. He thinks it's funny at first---then shoo's me away when he's had enough. He's such a guy---I love him.

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