Friday, October 24, 2008

burning in your soul

When I put the kids to bed at night, I have a very specific routine. Potty, bath, pj's, teeth, prayers, covers, songs. Last week one of the songs I was whispering to the girls had the lyrics..."burning in his soul". I wish I could remember the song, but truthfully, all I can remember is the discussion that followed---well into bed time I might add. Elizabeth started, "whoa whoa whoa, what does what you just said mean?" ...."burning and soul"...."is that good or bad? question question question.... I said that when something is burning in your soul, it's that feeling that's between your shoulders, somewhere by your heart, that makes your heart beat faster when you think of it... it could be that one thing that you love more than anything in the whole world. Again, (from Eliza)"whoa, wait, wait, wait,...what did you just say?" I smiled and let a laugh escape from my nose. "Elizabeth, what's one thing that you love more than anything in the whole world....?". She said, "I love that place that we go to where all of my cousins are, and mimi and papa and grandma and papa bill, and and everyone!" I said, yeah, me know, I can show you that place on a's called 'Wareham'. To which Ava chimes in, "Hey dadda, ....I know..." You know what Ava? "I know Wareham, it could be in the refrigerator....cuz mumma has ham in there for lunch". We all started laughing. I was left with another memory to add to my fire, and they got an extra twenty minutes of staying up!


Anne said...

I love it.

Marie said...

I got me a burning in my soul for some ham sandwich myself! :D